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  1. Inscriptions and teams regulations.


  • The tournament consists of 3 categories (class) to be competed independently:

         Class A (Born in 2007), Class B (Born in 2008), Class C (Born in 2009).

It is regulated under football 7 general rules, except for the points mentioned in this regulation.


  • If required, all teams must be able to prove the age of their players with an official document. A player can participate in an upper category but never in a lower one.

All players must have a valid federate license.


  • All the clubs must provide the name of their players and coaches in the tournament application form before May 31st.


  • When arriving at the CF Tordera facilities all delegates must go to the information point, where they will meet their personal assistant. The assigned assistant will be with them during the whole tournament. Also, delegates must confirm the list of players specified in point 1.3 to their delegates, in case there is any modification.


  • Each club will have a dressing room to store their bags and supplies. Please do not leave valuable belongings there. (The Football Club Tordera will not be responsible in case of loss or theft).


  • The organization staff will be wearing a uniform to be easily identified. They will be available anytime for any questions.


  • The swimming pools will be open all day during the two days. Access is free for all the participants, families and attendants.


  • Competition calendar, schedules, fields, regulations, etc. will be accessible a few days before the tournament starts, through the Club website: or the Barceló Memorial:


  • Each participant will receive, during closing ceremony, a participation gift and each club will receive the emblem of Memorial Josep Barceló current edition. Attending closing ceremony is mandatory for all players and staff.


  • If both teams happen to have the same t-shirt color, the team that appears as visitor will have to change its t-shirt.


 1.11 All teams must be on the pitch at least 25 minutes before the game starts.


  1. System of competition (All categories)


First Phase.


  • Class C (2009) The 20 teams will be distributed into 5 groups of 4 teams each one. All the teams will play against each other in a league competition system.
  • Class A and B (2007-2008) teams will be distributed into 4 groups of 4 teams each one. All teams will play against each other in a league competition system.

During this phase, the games will have duration of 30 minutes (2 parts of 15 minutes) without break. There will be only a short break for changing the pitch.


First Phase. (League)

Won game means 3 points, draw 1 point, and lost 0 points.

If there is a draw between two or more teams, it will be checked:

Results between tied teams

Best overall goal difference

Greater number goals scored


If there is a draw between more than two teams it will only count the results on games between the tied teams (other games won’t count).

  • Class C (2009) The teams classified for the quarterfinals will be the top five and the three best seconds. The classification will be set according to the following criteria:

Greater number of points
Best overall goal difference (favor - against)
Greater number of goals scored

3 penalties


  • Class A and B (2007-2008). The teams classified for the ¼ final will the teams classified 1st and 2nd position of each group.



Second Phase.



Class C (2009) The top five finishers and the three best seconds will play the quarterfinals in 30 minutes games (2x15 '). Teams that played against each other on the first phase of the tournament will not be allowed to play again in ¼ final. The quarterfinals will consist on:

1- Best first vs. Third best second.

2- Second best first vs. Second best second.

3- Third best first vs. First best second.

4- Fourth best first v. Fifth best first.


If in the crossing there are two teams from the same group of the first phase, the visitor will be changed to the next higher ranking that is not in the same group as the local. The best first team will get the number 1 in the ranking; the second best first, the second, etc. to the third best second, which will get the number 8.


Class A and B (2007-2008) Crossings of ¼ final will be the following

  • 1st group A – 2nd group B
  • 1st group B – 2nd group A
  • 1st group C – 2nd group D
  • 1st group D – 2nd group C



The winners of the quarterfinals will play the semifinals (2x15 'matches). The crossing will be the following:

1- Winner 1 - Winner 3
2- Winner 2 - Winner 4



The two winners of the semifinals will play the final, in a 2x15’ game with a 3 'break.

In ¼ final, semi-final, and final, if there is draw at the end of the game, three penalties will be kicked. If the draw persists, each team will kick a penalty until someone missed a penalty with the same number of penalties shot. Penalties must be kicked by the players that are playing in the field at the end of the game, followed by the rest of the team players (if necessary).


Third and fourth position.

It will be established directly in terms of the ranking of the first phase, among the losers of the semifinals.

5th to 8th position.

Crossings will be established according to below rules:

5th and 6th between two losers of quarter-final with better ranking of 1st phase

7th and 8th between two losers of quarter-final with worse ranking of 1st phase

In this phase if there is a draw will win the match the team with better ranking of 1st phase (no penalties will be kicked)

9th to 16th or 20th position.


Class C (2009) They will play the rest of the teams in each group, in a 30 minutes game (2x15 ') with the following crossings: (Crossings can’t take place between teams in the same group during the first phase)

9th and 10th. Between 4th best 2nd and 5th best 2nd.

11th and 12th. Between the best 3th and 2nd best 3th.

13th and 14th. Between 3th best 3th and 4th best 3th.

15th and 16th. Between 5th best 3th and the best 4th.

17th and 18th. Between 2nd best 4th and 3th best 4th.

19th and 20th. Between 4th best 4th and 5th best 4th.


Class A and B (2007-2008)

9th and 10th. Between 1st 3rd – 2nd 3rd

11th and 12th. Between 3rd 3rd  – 4th -3rd

13th and 14th. Between 1st 4th -2nd 4th

15th and 16th. Between  3rd 4th - 4th 4th


In this phase if there is a draw will win the match the team with better ranking of 1st phase (no penalties will be kicked)


If a player receives direct red card, he/she will be sanctioned by not playing the next game. This applies for any game at any stage of the tournament.



The organization of the tournament reserves the right to resolve any situation not contemplated in this regulation.



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